Adler – Back from the Dead

Adler - Back From The DeadTo begin, Steven Adler certainly didn’t have a quiet career when he started as the drummer and co-songwriter for Guns N’ Roses.

Steven was kicked out in 1990 for his heroin addiction.  After being tossed around from band to band, he set up as drummer and front man for Adler’s Appetite which he has kept the roles and changed to a new band in Adler.

The first album Back from the Dead really hits you right from the start with the album titled track.  A slow guitar riff to ease you then it drops and the music steps it out a notch.  Followed by a chorus that undoubtedly proves the fact the Steven Adler is back from the dead and bringing clever arithmetic tracks with him.

I then chose to go with the one single from the record, “The One That You Hated.”  This took a pretty quick twist as the song was about Adler and a previous relationship where he ends up being hated.  At first I disliked how the beginning to the song was similar to “Back from the Dead” as it began slowly with a very similar increase in tempo and instruments.  However the difference was there were less focus on the verses and more focus on the chorus which often happens with singles.  The one difference is, for a rock single, it was very catchy and had a killer guitar solo on top of it all.

To mention another of my favorite from the record is “My Own Worst Enemy” which starts with just a raunchy, grungy feel.  There are a few moments when the instruments over power the vocals but as a producer there was one segment that really impressed me.  There are parts where Adler is shouting and either he can channel an awesome raspy sound in his voice or some really good editing is being done by the producer, either way, well done.

To mention a few notables this one snuck under my ear a little but “Waterfall” is honestly my favorite because it’s a completely different sound and feel.  “Good to be Bad” has a very interesting story, with another different sound and way to provide the message.

To round out the album is “Dead Wrong” which fits the part, but the moments when it chants ‘dead wrong’ just doesn’t work for me.  Give it a listen I think you’ll understand, but overall, this album really surprised me.  It’s a modern interpretation of 80’s heavy rock.  Give it a chance, at only about forty minutes, it’s worth it.

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