Chuck Berry – CHUCK

The father of “Rock and Roll’s” final album. Chuck Berry’s mark on the world of music can never be mistaken. Bringing guitar to the front stage and blazing the path for the rest of “Rock and Roll history”.

Chuck Berry

At the time of his greatest success, he was going toe to toe with artists like Elvis Presley. Although his songs never quite reached the stardom that his top competitors did, he had the satisfaction of knowing that he wrote all his songs, which artists like Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly often left for someone else (Which explains the amazing relatable nature of all his music that still to this day carries a loyal following of music listeners of all ages).

His music set the stage for what is now considered “Classic Rock and Roll” that drives you straight into a world of ecstasy. His flexible music style, which was at its time a very rare thing, is sprinkled with Blues influences as well as Country undertones, mixed at times with pop references.

I’m not one to listen to “Classic Rock and Roll” but listening to the new album from this legend, I could feel the strength behind his music and its test against time. He is a true story teller, drawing listeners deep into the personal meanings behind his songs, but also allowing others to find their own connections and experiences. His songs gave me a much greater appreciation for old school “Rock and Roll”, and in turn I’ve expanded my musical horizons.

Diving further into the album, I learned about the great back up for the album including Tom Morello and Nathaniel Ratliff on its first single “Big Boys”.  I can hear tributes to past loves and memories in “Lady B. Goode”, a sweet song about a girl falling in love with a boy who found fame through music. A song which I’ll be playing on repeat.

To sum up Chuck Berry’s inspiration for the album, it was dedicated to his wife of 68 years, Thelmetta “Toddy” Berry, as his last way to express his profound love for her in the best way that he knew how, and that was through the power of music.

As mentioned before, “Lady B. Goode” is a toe tapping song that anyone who appreciates rock and roll can have an easy listen. Following its sweet story and up beat rhythm will give you the dose of rock your looking for. Outside the singles, another favourite is “Jamaica Moon” standing out from the rest of the album with it being an island song. If I didn’t know before hand, I would never have guessed it was a Chuck Berry song. Finally, I highly recommend the live track “3/4 Enchilada”, a saloon piano and drinking song. The Comic relief, giving the album a country twist, it leaves you with a smile.

    • “Wonderful Woman” – 5:19
    • “Big Boys” – 3:05
    • “You Go to My Head” – 3:21
    • “3/4 Time (Enchiladas)” – 3:47
    • “Darlin” – 3:20
    • “Lady B. Goode” – 3:00
    • “She Still Loves You” – 2:55
    • “Jamaica Moon” – 3:50
    • “Dutchman” – 3:47
    • “Eyes of Man” – 2:27

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