Godsmack: When Legends Rise

When Legends Rise
Release Date: April 27, 2018


In an ever-changing industry that almost forces artists to adapt or face extinction, Godsmack remains a heavy hitter that never compromised or changed their ways to stay relevant. Their latest release When Legends Rise is a prime example. Like Metallica before them, Godsmack has always just stayed true to themselves by doing what they want and feel. Which is why they have an army of loyal listeners.


The opening track is the title track of the album and is just plain bad ass, it grabs you at the opening and never lets you go.

The first single “Bulletproof” is a little off the beaten path for Godsmack, but a good song with a good hook – just a good indication of their bravery to try different things and evolve as a band.

The opening of “Unforgettable” definitely has a feeling of familiarity, and lacking originality. However, the use of the Wah pedal during the verses is very cool and clever, gives the song its beef back.

It is easy to hear that Sully has been listening to the radio and is slightly influenced by current music on some of the tracks, but that being said, Godsmack always makes songs their own and better than the other guy.

“Under Your Scars” is the album ballad. Great piano-based composition, well performed, well written. I’ve got to believe that this song spawned from their re-make of “Nothing Else Matters” a few years back.

“Someday” is the song on the album I am not sure belongs. It feels like a little bit of a filler. Not thinking the boys will be pulling this one out at too many shows.

The deeper you get in the album, the more you start to hear the classic Godsmack sound with awesome Heavy Riffs like “Just One Time” and “Eye Of The Storm”, which are undeniably the kinds of tunes that put Godsmack on the map so many years ago.

I enjoyed this album, as I usually do with Godsmack albums. Bless the guys for continuing to put out new material when they could probably ride the wave of all their hits and just tour for the rest of their days.

In conclusion, I give this album 4 stars. I don’t usually use a rating scale, but I will this time. It’s brave, it’s heavy, it’s got some new sounds and some classic feel. For me, everything I would expect to hear from a 2018 Godsmack album.

Good Job Boys!


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