Louder than Love – Coming Around

Louder Than Love have a solid follow-up album to Dark Dayswith Coming Around.

The five-track EP is a melodic rock record tinged with blues and country influences.

“Can’t Deny” opens with rapid arpeggios and a strong bass drum. While the song is good, the four-minute arrangement could have been cut down a verse or two because by the time the heavier vocals and guitar kick in for the final time, my attention has already begun to waver.

The title track was by far the strongest on the EP. “Coming Around” carries with it a hint of country influence in the chorus’ vocals, which is strangely complimentary to rest of the inarguable rock feel the rest of the song possesses.

“Years Go By” is the typical “what-happened-to-the-relationship” tune and while the lyrics are unremarkable, it has an interesting blend of instrumentation that provides a deep enough hook to compensate.

“For A Dime” contains the most ‘rock’ on the album, with a killer hook in the pre-chorus and great lyrics throughout.

“Nine Years” is a slower, simpler track with a bluesy feel courtesy of the slow and melodic lead line.

Overall, Coming Aroundis a pretty decent album. There’s a nice range of rhythm and song structure, and for the most part, the lyrics are impressive. It does have a different feel from Dark Days – I certainly drew no similarities whatsoever to Pink Floyd or the Black Keys, two names that were allegedly dropped in comparison to LTL’s previous record.

If the band can keep up their strong writing and balance it with creative instrumentation, then Louder Than Love will continue to be heard.


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