Michael Joseph Green (Self Titled)

After two minutes and 27 seconds, Michael Joseph Green had me in the sonic palm of his hand. Three-quarters of the way through “Halo,” the first of three tracks on his EP, Green unleashes a short but intense cacophony of sound that left me positively delighted.

‘I’m not feeling this, no I’m not feeling this,’ Green asserts in the chorus. My own sentiments were considerably different. This song is absolutely killer. At the end of the song, Green mutters, ‘sucker.’ Touche. He got me good.

Unfortunately, things slide downhill from there.

I’m not usually one for sappy ballads, and “Perfect World,” bleeds that “if-only-things-were-different” vibe and borders on the edge of unbearable. At the same time, though, the track is so nauseatingly wistful that I was once again suckered in. “Time,” however, took the sappiness to the next level and did absolutely nothing for me.

I definitely will be looking out for future releases from Green. If he can balance the softer, cheese-heavy tracks like “Time” and “Perfect World” with the edgier, faster tracks similar to “Halo,” then I can see a full-length record from this guy being pretty damn good.


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