Mikey Manville: Nocturne Only

Mikey Manville
Nocturne Only
Release Date: 2018

Track one “Alice” sets you up to think you are about to hear some typical singer songwriter fare with an acoustic guitar and vocal format, but one measure after you think that, you are proven wrong! Suddenly there is a wash of guitars and heavily effected vocals that take you back to the 1990’s – think of Matthew Sweet, Michael Penn, The London Suede or even Teenage Fan Club. This track is melodically strong from the hooky guitars to the slightly overly effected vocals.

Mikey Manville Nocture Only

The album moves us forward with the gentle wistful sounds of “Beneath the Leaves” where Manville opines “You’re up and down, I put you in your place, Now I’m ready to run, and I ain’t no good man’s son, now you know what I’m about.”

The record continues to offer up more delicious lo-fi masterpieces like “Statue on a Stone”, “Blood Thirsty” and the title track “Nocturne Only”.

As we move past the album’s mid-point we find that the next three tracks “Indiana”, “Alarming” and “Self-Portrait with Dog” are Kinks-esque and a real high point of the record.

On the other side of these tracks, the record ends with a mild contemplative crescendo with “Renée” which contains some of the most attention-grabbing lyrics of the album “I’m tired of trying to make you alright”.

Our final moment with Mikey is with the song “Four Measures”. Here at last is the track that we might have expected with the tease of the acoustic guitars on the first track. This is a great way to end the record and the journey has been a pleasant one from start to finish.

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