Sevendust: All I See Is War

What can you say about a band that has been together for over 20 years with all the original members? Sevendust has always stayed true to themselves and it is reflected in all their albums. Their latest All I See is War is no different.


From the opening track and first release, “Dirty” that kicks you right in the face from the opening note right through a huge chorus till they pound out. A little tempo and rhythm shift for “God Bites his Tongue” A melodical shift that for me only Sevendust can pull off, another thing that makes then unique and relevant.

The album chugs along and never lets you go. Including songs like “Sickness” that slow down a touch and “Moments” that opens with Piano as well as having it return in the verses…you feel like maybe they are going to let up a little, but nope, still a real ass kicker with big hooks.

There is a real feel of time spent on this album, not to say that they didn’t always work hard. There is just a lot of musical diversity on this album. Just a little different compared to past successes like “Enemy” that is heavy riff rock with a great chorus…this album has a little more going on From riffs to instrumental experimentation, the track “ Life Deceives you” is a great example of that, it has it all. It never ceases to amaze me how no matter what they experiment with you can always feel it’s Sevendust.

The only song that didn’t really grab me was “Not Original”, I feel they could have left this off the album and it not hurt. It is just a little strange for me. That being said, it doesn’t mean that it won’t appeal to someone else. Just wasn’t my brand of Vodka.

Nowadays, with the landscape of the music business, everyone is working hard to stay relevant it is easy to get caught up in keeping up with the Jones’ or paying too close attention to what your neighbor is up to. You do not get that feeling on this album. Sevendust just added more songs  to an already great live setlist for their upcoming tour.

It always takes guts to put an album out, but especially when you have been around so long and have fans with expectations. The boys in Sevendust have not disappointed fans with the album. A huge kudos and thumbs up to Lajon, Morgan, Vince, Clint and John for continuing to put out great records and Staying relevant. I can’t wait to see the band live again and see them rock some of the new songs.


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