Black Label Society @ MacEwan Hall

Black Label Society
w/ Lord Dying & Obituary
at MacEwan Hall
Calgary, AB
March 7, 2020

Photos and Review Courtesy of J. Dirom Photography

The stage was behind a large Black Label Society flag, and a prerecorded mashup of Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and Sabbath’s “War Pigs” played as a packed McEwan Hall with fans clad in a variety of Black Label Society t-shirt hoodies, and jackets with the bands iconic patch logo.

When the banner dropped frontman, Zakk Wylde stepped up onto a riser adjacent to his microphone stand of skulls and the show was on. Wearing a kilt and donning his guitar with his trademark bullseye, it didn’t take long for the crowd surfers to pile over the barrier, as the group launched into “Genocide Junkies”.

Anytime I have seen Black Label Society in the city it has always been a packed house, and an amazing show. When the band finished “The Rose Petalled Garden”, Zakk stood there with his arms crossed his chest, as the crow showed their appreciation throwing the horns into the air as the cheered, as he launched into “Heart of Darkness”. Without a doubt Black Label Society is a well played rock show, amplified by a legion of faithful fans.

When Zakk Wylde and crew are in town. It is always worth going to.

Genocide Junkies
Funeral Bell
The Rose Petalled Garden
Heart of Darkness
Suicide Messiah
Trampled Down Below
Seasons of Falter
Peddlers of Death
Spoke in the Wheel
In This River
The Blessed Hellride
A Love Unreal
Fire It Up
Concrete Jungle

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