Half Moon Run @ MacEwan Hall

Half Moon Run
MacEwan Hall (University of Calgary)
Calgary, AB
December 13, 2016Half Moon Run


The lights dim and music fades. The crowd begins to cheer.  Connor walks out, sits and begins to play piano.  The crowd lets out another cheer as the eerie lingering notes hit their ears.  Shortly after, Devon, Dylan and Isaac walk out. The smell of reefer begins to fill the air.

“21 Gun Salute.”

Not the opening song I anticipated, but appreciated.  The lights shine in the room following the song showcasing just how full the venue is.  If it’s not sold out, it’s very close.

“You guys smell good.” says Devon.  Without a doubt, he’s speaking of the roaches being passed amongst friends.

Something the band has received recognition for is their ability to play multiple instruments during their live performance. Two, sometimes three sets of drums.  Three pianos, but one which specifically stood out throughout show is Connor playing the harmonica. The harmonica solos were very unique and definitely something you don’t see very often, which gave the show some added funk.

Additionally, MacEwan Hall isn’t a small venue but it’s an intimate one.  With that the light show and the stage set up really took advantage of the space they had.  The two drum sets at the back, with Devon and Connor near the front of the stage while their instruments stood near the side leaving the middle of the stage in front of the drum kits wide open.  The lights they had were set up behind them.  A technique which gave a silhouette look to the band members.

“Feels like California.”

Another comment which must be an acknowledgment of weed once again filling the room.  Calgary is far from California and the temperature on that night was a brisk -22. The comment led straight into their hit “Call Me In The Afternoon.”  Applause was shortly followed by the crowd singing along.

“Need It” is one of my personal favourites from the quartet, which was executed flawlessly with an extra kick and a nice guitar solo to bridge the verse.

A song shortly after; I can’t remember the name of it but there’s a reason for that.  The only error on the night was a comedic one.  Devon and Connor came together to sing into a centred microphone.  At the end of the chorus Devon would step away and Connor would play the harmonica.  “The reason I’m laughing is because sometimes a certain someone eats something that doesn’t agree with him and then when you have to play near a bandmate you let something out and he’s forced to play through it the entire time.” said Devon as Connor pointed at him with his middle finger up.

They ended their set with “Consider Yourself” before taking a quick break to soak up the crowd’s chants for more.  They returned to play a three-song encore highlighted by the crowd singing “I guess I needed to open up and let it all out.”  “Full Circle” rounds out the encore as Devon thanks his fans.  “Thank you all for coming out tonight…wow…like, who the fuck are we.”

The crowd applauds once more.  The lights turn up and the weight of daily life begins to weigh on their shoulders once more.  For an hour and a half, Half Moon Run made everyone’s life a little easier and isn’t that the point.

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