Jack Russel’s Great White @ Riverside Park, OR

Jack Russel’s Great White
May 26, 2017
Riverside Park
Grants Pass, OR

Photos and review courtesy Frankie James of SunstrokePhotography.com

Well what can I say … I’ll start off with how amazed I was at the entire show.  The live performance is obviously where this band is at their best, and the crowd enjoyed every last second of it.  But let’s face it, when the name Great White comes up, one thinks about the trials and tribulations the band has endured and had to overcome.  I don’t need to bring up old wounds and the true fans (and there are many) all know the history, but more importantly, surviving as a cultural icon while staying relevant.  Ask any band from their era and see what they say … , there aren’t that many around that we can ask.  So, fans alike love when they see bands they grew up with still touring and then rocking the stage even harder than before.  It brings back memories of big hair, spandex and leather, and brings back old friends you haven’t seen in a while.  So, it’s more than just a rock show to see Jack Russel’s Great White.  It’s a trip through memory lane and remember the parties before and after a concert.  Those days are gone but the memories still live.

The Band:

Jack Russell (Vocals), Tony Montana (Guitar), Robby Lochner (Guitar), Dan McNay (Bass) Dicki Fliszar (Drums) … All amazing musicians, all bringing their own expertise.  But wow Russel’s vocals and stage showman-ship still wows.  McNay’s bass line along with Fliszar’s pounding drums carried though with Montana’s rhythm … Just awesome glue holding it together.  Then you have Robby Lochner and his guitar wizardry he can literally call his own.  I’m not quite sure how this guy does, it but running around onstage, flipping his guitar around like some toy and body gyrations while playing the guitar not missing a note is simply crazy.  Being a photographer I love that shit and say, “Fuck Yeah”, which has me captured in McNay’s video tour diary (https://youtu.be/u-TE9MSc0jo)

So, the bottom line, and in closing are bands such as Jack Russel’s Great White making come backs?  Are they worth seeing when they are booked near a venue close to you?  Well Fuck Yeah, they are, and the masses don’t lie … Reminiscing good times and bringing back yesteryear is awesome and it rocks!!!  It might show our age, but I guarantee you it shows our youth!!!

Authored by:  Frankie James … “Anyone Got Earplugs?”



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