Lizzy Borden @ The Rockpile

The Rockpile
Toronto, Ontario
July 10, 2011
Photos: Mike Forbes
Rebel Reviewer Dot Com
This is gonna be a short one just because I don’t know what to say. Straight up… why bullshit you. The only thing I remember was back in the early 90’s a buddy of mine had a live Lizzy Borden album, “The Murderess Metal Road Show”, and we played the fuck outta that thing.

When I heard my friend’s band was opening for “Thin Lizzy” I was pretty excited! Turns out it was Lizzy Borden, Danny, singer of Three Quarter Stone, kept name fucking. Still I thought, I remember those guys…. barely.

Cool to hear an old metal band with lotsa theatrics and tricks up their sleeves still hammering out some good tunes and playing them well. Lead singer, Lizzy Borden, not only does a great job at concealing his real name, probably Eugene or something not as flattering, but he still has a wicked voice that hasn’t degraded in the slightest. He can still split yer head open with one of his piercing metal screams and clearly he’s doing it so that it doesn’t wreck his throat.

The pair of tandem shredders Lizzy flanks himself with, Dario Lorina and AC Alexander, are both top notch smoking axemen who could each carry a band on their own I’m sure. Together these two just don’t let up on their sonic assault throughout the night trading licks back n forth and giving the girls a little eye candy at the same time. Rounding out the lineup are drummer Joey Scott and Swedish bassist Marten Andersson.

The night I saw Lizzy Borden I was still recovering from a damn fine Kiss show just 2 days prior so I really had a week of some of the finest blood filled, stage theatrics rock n roll has to offer. Watching Lizzy sink his teeth into the neck of the smoking hot little blonde he had dancing on stage was worth the price of admission alone and provided me with some killer shots to share. Any vampire fan would have been in heaven (or should I say hell?) witnessing this little trick and Lizzy’s anointing of the front row with a skull full of blood carried by a masked roadie was a pretty cool for audience participation. He was like an evil priest dipping a couple fingers into the blood and dabbing it on the foreheads n cheeks of his followers all the while smiling ear to ear, thoroughly enjoying himself in the process.

Definitely worth while checking out Lizzy Borden if you’re into the Alice Cooper school of rock n roll, the music is quite a bit heavier but combined with Lizzy’s awesome voice, you’d be damn glad you showed up.

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