Rock Into Spring

Rock Into Spring
M Resort Spa Casino
Las Vegas, NV
April 29-30, 2017

Photos and Review courtesy of Frankie James

OK, so here we go with another music fest first called “Rock Into Spring” held at the M Resort Casino, Las Vegas … These types of festivals featuring decent headliners have become all to familiar, but more importantly; and then at many times finding and discovering new talent openers or supporting acts which for me as a writer / photographer is super exciting.  Rock Into Spring was no exception. Besides the three good headliners “Buck Cherry, Art Of Anarchy & Sick Puppies”, one would expect to have name brand supporting acts to cause more frenzy during the announced line-up.  Instead focused on amazing talent that most haven’t witnessed or heard.  Showcasing in such a manner gives opportunities and exposure to bands that’s otherwise reserved for their home-town local scene.  So kudos on that concept.

Treading back to the first day, Friday … Buck Cherry headlines with their usual stage flare, un-paralleled sound and performance attitude.  Rocking the crowd is what hey do and they do it well.  Supporting directly was Alien Ant Farm and 9 Electric and both bands didn’t sit right with me.  Their performances were decent but it’s simply not something I’d get excited about as part of this particular line-up.  I like to ROCK and ROCK hard, and although most of the crowd seemed to enjoy, it wasn’t for me.  Now “Never Say Die” preceding all three, and in my humble opinion was the new band to see and feel.  With ex-members from the platinum selling group “My Darkest Days” caught the interest of Producer / Engineer Mike Langford (Eveans Blue, Scarlet White, Parabelle), Never Say Die has positioned themselves to continue where My Darkest Days left off, and wow … What a kick ass show. Other bands opening were “State of Mine” & Reclaim The Sky”.

Saturday’s headlining act Art Of Anarchy pretty much commanded the stage and crowd with a display of Rock God-ness that one would come to expect from a super group which basically say’s “Fuck Yeah” … Stapp’s typical voice remains steady while Bumblefoot’s guitar wizardry, Moyer’s bass lines and the Votta brothers kill it. A performance that embeds visions in your brain for a few weeks.  Hell any band that can do that is worthy.  Supporting acts for this day was as good as it can get with “Adelitas Way” as a local / national fav tearing up the stage, and my favs “American Grim” rocking ever so hard and “Shallow Side” & “Artifas” as new discoveries for me and totally ripping it up for the crowd.  Other openers were “Vyces, Quor and Behind The Fallen”.

Sunday, day three and a little burnt out from the parties and losing my voice from raspy screaming.  This bring me to the final headlining group “Sick Puppies” … Now besides being a huge fan anyway, I’ve never had the pleasure of shooting this band live.  Yeah I’m giddy like a kid in a candy store simply because of Sick Puppies bassist, and one of the sexiest and hottest musicians but an overall bad ass as well “Emma Anzai”.  And yeah I think I scored some sweet shots and captured some pretty fucking cool moments, cuz she KNOWS how to work a stage!!! Pay attention musicians.  The largest crowd for all three days stood in front of their stage, and for good reason.  SP just knows how to deliver a kick ass performance that gets the crowd excited.  OK … Enough of my obsession with SP lol.  The supporting act Boboflex was ok, very reminiscent of their typical couture and familiarity. Still a rocking show however. Before them was “Eve To Adam” another band I’ve witnessed & heard for the first time and all I can say is WOW, what a kick ass, energetic performance with nice tones and thump, def a band to keep an eye out for!! Other openers were “Another Lost year, Blacklite District, Alive In Barcelona, The Broken Thumbs and Conflict Of Interest”

Recapping:  A good solid first that could have been advertised a bit better.  The crowd was kinda thin, but the crowd was there to rock and party!! Seems like more money should have been invested in talent for more draw.  Although not responsible for the event itself, The M Resort Spa and Casino was a great venue to hold such an event and were gracious hosts.  Their staff handled every situation extremely well and I’m now a huge fan of this property!!  I’ll be back for sure!!

Surprises for me?  Oh yeah, I got a few.  Besides the headliners, my personal fav endorsements of must see live are “American Grim, Eve to Adam, Never Say Die, Shallow Side and Artifas”.   

Authored by Frankie J. ~ Anyone got ear plugs?

Rock Into Spring
M Resort Spa Casino
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