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Listening to Tarah Who’s music is being exposed to a modern rock group fronted by a singer songwriter who loves the craft and has a voice to knock your socks off. Although relaxing on a beach in Thailand she was able to answer some questions that came to mind after listening to this powerful voice and strong musicians.

Who are your singing influences?
I grew up listening to Alanis Morissette, then Hole and the Distillers. etc.. I don’t necessarily have a singing influence, or consider myself as a singer. Writing is more like a therapy. I let out of my emotions. Those feelings are very personal so i would not want anyone else singing those songs instead of me.

When did you first discover a love for music and what made you pursue it?
My mom would clean the house listening to really loud Rock. It ranged from Pink Floyd to the Rolling Stones. My brother and I never really thought anything, it was just something that she would do (and still does). As I got older, I started liking music (Rock. It’s always been Rock) and bands. My mom would ask me to pick and put a CD on so we could clean! (The real story is that she would clean and dance and I was just dancing and rocking out. It doesn’t look good to say I wasn’t helping, does it?!)

I never really thought of pursuing a CAREER in music. I was attracted by music instruments like the guitar, the drums, the bass… probably from watching all those bands in concerts and in their videos. I told my parents I wanted to learn how to play the drums but they didn’t take me seriously, so at the age of 14, I did it anyway. I started playing with high school friends and It just has never really stopped! I have always loved the drums, but I couldn’t express myself entirely (in words), so I started writing, and that’s how Tarah Who? started, really.

Given some of the themes in your songs, what motivates you to write music?
Life, people, situations… anything really. I am an observer. I like to watch people act, interact. I like to listen to stories. I never know when the inspiration comes. I go through a lot of situations for a few months, without writing anything. Then I take a break, from everyone, everything. I need to be alone, and it comes naturally like a flash. I have a lot of strong emotions that just come suddenly (anywhere, anytime) and I “explode” on paper. I never read or correct it afterwards. It stays as is. Sometimes I read back after a few months and wonder what I was thinking.

Do you have any other creative outlets you explore?
I like to paint it relieves me, when I can’t let it out with my words.
I also enjoy photography a lot, it is a different approach. I find it really fun. (I have a passion for it.)

Would you consider giving up creativity and control to be signed to a major?
I have “worked” in the past with people that wanted to “help”. It just doesn’t work or has not worked out yet! I would consider the signing part with negotiationwithout the “giving up creativity and control” part. It doesn’t even sound right! An artist that gives up creativity and control is not an artist anymore.

What do you want the audience to take away from one of your shows?
Oh man, there’s nothing more rewarding than someone who leaves inspired, motivated or just happy. I (we) love it, when people just let go! My mom used to tell us when we were kids; “Now you’re in your room, whatever negative thought you have stays outside of your room”. I would want our audience to do the exact same thing when they come to our shows. “Now you’re here, and we are here to entertain you! Whatever is going on in your life stays outside of these doors! You’ve come here for a rock show! Let’s Rock!”

And we will, as we’re looking forward to them coming to our town when they tour Canada. You should look for them too, and check them out via YouTube. If you’re in London, make sure you go see them if you’re craving the raw, real rock sound of a band starting out and letting it out at the same time.



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