In My Coma Awakens to Next Life

Okay, so this is a little weird but, honestly, I can’t do better than quote directly from the band’s own bio to set the stage for you to experience In My Coma if you haven’t already.

“From struggle comes strength, from perseverance comes professionalism and from passion comes creative excellence.”

In My Coma

Here here!

The above statement perfectly reflects what you will find if you take 30 seconds from watching the latest and greatest cat video on YouTube to check these guys out. And you should check these guys out because you want to catch the next big act before they’re the next big act, right?

With their current album Next Life, the band brings in the perfect blend of alt rock with plenty of attitude, mixed expertly with pop sensibilities – a winning combo!

While not really sounding like any of these bands/artists, they have the hook-driven power of a Depeche Mode, The 1975 or even The Cure with the rock power of Muse or Remy Zero. Basically, it is a musical nirvana with lush guitar and keyboards tastily saturating the track while the drums and bass glue the record together. The cherry on top is the truly awesome vocals soaring over the musical landscape and giving you the bird’s eye view of Next Life!

It all sounds simple right? But the band, like anything worthwhile doing in this life or the next, had its growing pains. For a while it is just guitar, bass and vocals provided by Jasper James and Laura Doll, working hard to find a sound. But finally, the band’s longtime dream of bringing on drummer, Mike Paterson and keyboardist Linz Clark was finally realized and the true potential for the group was born. The big break came when the band got to open for Canadian rockers, Moist. Getting signed by Moist’s manager and brought on Moist’s guitarist Mark Makoway to produce Next Life. “Nothing is unobtainable,” says front man Jasper James. “You can reach anyone, you can’t control what their answer will be, but you can reach them”.

In My ComaThis statement is profound and shows the band is truly in touch with music making in the 21st Century! Yes, fans and even big music companies can be reached like never before, but with that access being so ubiquitous, bands and artists must find new ways to grab the ever-shrinking attention span of audiences used to on-demand content at their fingertips. Still with me – or have you gone back to that cat video? The good news is that In My Coma is worth your attention! The music is well produced, heartfelt and solidly grounded in real world struggles and topics. Some of my favorite lyrics come from the band’s track “Desperate Man”; “I’m not worried I have a vision, I’m not trying to calm your suspicion!”

The band demonstrates, through their lyrics, that they are very much aware of the world in which we live where reason and measure is no longer a default position and time seems like the enemy of our youth, Innocence and our chance to make a difference.

The other thing I love about the band is their love for the fans and their work ethic. I chatted with Jasper for about 35 minutes and he told me how much he and the band loved being the first to show up to a gig, and the last ones to leave because they really wanted to connect with their fans and express their gratitude for coming out and supporting the band with their time and money. In the age when people can become more disconnected by social media, it is gratifying to find a band that wants to return your love and support. That is just one more reason In My Coma will continue to be a great band and reach new heights of musical exploration!

Oh, one more thing – Jasper told me that if my article didn’t push their most excellent videos to a million views they were going to come move in with me, not that I would mind a visit, but please check out the videos as my wife and cat might not be so pleased to have extended house guests!

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